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The other evening, our neighbor’s ten year-old daughter came by to give us a couple of cupcakes she made that afternoon.  I’ve been teaching her how to crochet and gave her a skein of thick blue yarn and a big 6mm hook for beginners.  She’s making a hat.  When she walked in Tony and I were sitting at the dining room table – me at the computer, writing and he next to me, drawing.  We had the dim chandelier light on, candles burning, Davis and Coltrane playing softly, and a warm fire flickering.  The boys were lying near the fire with bulging bellies, panting. We must have made quite a picture.

As she walked over to my chair and stood next to me, I could see her face was taking everything in.  Then she asked, “Is this what you guys do every night?”  I giggled and Tony told her that sometimes we watch a movie, but we don’t have T.V., so mostly we read or write, go for walks, talk, play with the boys, normal stuff.  As she looked around blinking peacefully, I could remember being her age and taking note of such things.  Moods. How normal couples are with each other, what they do.  It made me smile.

I like to think that she will store that memory in the back of her developing brain, and endeavor to find someone who will give her the peace she needs and the love every little girl deserves. I pray she does…