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"Hmmm, I smell chicken, no...TURKEY."

I know that I’ve been away from home for too long because the boys are starting to go crazy. Their schedules are all out of whack. Normally our days consist of writing and cleaning, cooking and crafting, a walk on the beach or we’ll run around the house chasing each other until Mick can’t stop barking. Then their Papa comes home and it’s a love fest, followed by dinner and a movie on the couch. These days they’ve been alone pretty much all day while I work on one of the rentals. When I see them for the first time all day it’s almost dark, I make dinner, go for a short walk (if their lucky), maybe squeeze in some crocheting (if I’m lucky), then bam – sleep. So yesterday, they went on strike.

Together they decided to bark ALL DAY LONG while I was at work. The neighbor called it, “incessant barking.” So today I tried something that many people I know will think is utterly ridiculous. For $5.99 I bought The Adventures of Milo and Otis and I played it on repeat for the boys while I was gone. When I got home the neighbor said they didn’t bark at all. In fact, she thought I took them with me.

When I worked for UC Berkeley, I knew a lady named Lola who had a cat named Emiliano. Lola would play “cat movies” for Emiliano while she was at work. She told me that her cat loved them. “How do you know he loves them?” I asked her. Lola explained that her furry man wouldn’t scratch up the furniture, however if she forgot to play Emiliano his cat movies, there would be new snags on her silk comforter and scratches on her suede couch. In truth, I never really believed it. I’m a believer now.

It makes me wonder…what have we done to make these animals so…spoiled? Then I remember all of the unconditional love they give, how they make us laugh, how they lower our blood pressure and we theirs. I think of how Sailor stands near me in the kitchen while I cook at all hours of the day and night, without fail. How right at this moment Mick is laying under the table at my feel, on the wood floor when there is a plush rug just inches away.

Then I think to myself, I bet they’d love The Adventures of Lassy!