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Well, it looks like I’m going back down to the East Bay tomorrow at 5am. Ugh! No, I’m all right, it’s only for a day. I’m trying something new. I’m treating it like an 8-hour workday. What’s 8 hours of driving along scenic HWY 101? Absolutely beautiful, that’s what! Yes, I’m being optimistic. After you hit Ukiah, it’s four lane freeways, skinny cows and crabby people driving 80mph. Still, it’s all good. I’ll show the flat, hit the sack, then hopefully head back to my Honey around 5am next day. I should be home before he gets off work. It’ll be like I never even left.

The up side is I get to go shopping at all of my favorite markets and bring back fresh organic produce. Dan’s Produce here I come! Creamy avocados, plump tomatoes bursting with flavor, crisp, sweet carrots, nice hard cucumbers (at Freddy’s you can bend them into a U shape – it’s horrible), artichokes the size of a newborn baby’s head, and the sweetest oranges that CA has to offer. I can’t wait to have a gigantic glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, or as Tony calls it – “Nectar of the gods.” I’m also going to stock up my favorite olive oil – Bariani, and a dozen or so cans of San Marzano whole tomatoes so I can make a few batches of spaghetti sauce. Yes, I know fresh is best, but San Marzano is like fresh Roma tomatoes without the hassle of steaming and coring.

I just might pick-up a couple of artisan breads at La Farine Bakery on College Avenue and perhaps a morning bun – quiet possibly the most sinful pastry on the planet. There’s about half a cube of butter in every bun, mingling with brown sugar, cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla. Tony and I used to fight over the warm, gooey middle. With a steaming cup of tea you feel like royalty.

So maybe this trip down won’t be so bad…