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Yes, I’m very new to WordPress, which is why I’ve never heard of the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s a pleasant surprise to say the least. When I got Carrie’s note that she’d nominated me, my husband had just walked in the door from work. “Honey, guess what?!” I yelled excitedly from the kitchen. “Someone from WordPress reads my blog and they’ve entered my name for a Versace award of some kind!” I saw the doubt in his face instantly. “WHAT kind of award?” Then, calmly I re-read her note and laughed at my idiocy.

Now that I’ve been educated as to what the Versatile Blogger Award truly entails, I want to thank one of the nicest people in WordPress (and it’s not just because she was the first person to acknowledge my existence, and then shared my blog with others), my fellow introvert/soon to be author – Carrie Rubin of The Write Translation, take a bow! When you check out Carrie’s blog, which was just “Freshly Pressed” by WP, click on the blogs she has nominated and get ready for some high learning. I’ve only covered half of the them, and I’ve already discovered so much about the universe of blogging and a whole new world of writing.

So now the rules of the award (as taken from my nominator):

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post (thanks Carrie)
  2. Share 7 things about yourself (oh boy)
  3. Pass this award along to 15 9 others (my pleasure). I’d give 15, but I haven’t been blogging long enough on WP to know 15! Sorry.
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award (surprise!)

Alright. Here are seven more amazing facts about me that even my neighbors don’t know (this is killing me):

  1. I have always wanted bangs, but my hair is so curly, they would just stick straight out of my forehead. Not sexy.
  2. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently moved to the boonies on the Oregon Coast. I miss…avocados.
  3. As a teenager I wanted to be a missionary on Mercy Ships. When that fell through, I lived a life of debauchery until I met my sweet husband.
  4. I have an intense love and craving for French pastries. In fact, if I’d stayed in the Bay Area I probably wouldn’t be the size I am now, which by the way is NOT a fair exchange. (YES, we have bakeries here. NO, I do not consider a jelly donut a pastry.)
  5. I graduated from UC Berkeley when I was 35 years old. I was one of the oldest students in every class, and one of the wisest.
  6. I have two of the sweetest Boston Terriers in my life – Micky Love and Olive Mina – they make everything all right. (OK, maybe my neighbors know about them, how can they not?!)
  7. I’m a Christian, which is not very popular these days, but I don’t care – neither was wearing BLACK when I was a teenager, and that didn’t stop me.

Now for 9 blogs that will make you laugh a little, think a lot, dream a bit, and may just change your life, so get ready:

  1. Love and a Six Foot Leash (there are some really good people out there)
  2. Ms. Levon Traveling (no, she’s not a travel agent)
  3. Foodimentary/A Food Lover’s Notebook (fun food facts – daily)
  4. Washboard Storms (an authoress in the making)
  5. Orgegon College of Art and Craft Library (great info if you live in the area)
  6. August McLaughlin’s Blog (there’s brains behind this beauty)
  7. The Elaborate Spinning Machine Is His Head (I love this guy’s writing…it’s so…just check it out and you’ll see)
  8. Mobius Faith Imaging (a lover of urban decay…his photography makes me miss home)
  9. Fitknitchick (a fellow yarn collector PLUS she’ll inspire you to eat right)

So thank you again, Carrie for the honor. I will forever endeavor to be as versatile as a tomato, which is much more practical than striving for something by Versace.